Always there…

I told my girls the other day that even though I’ve always been protective of them from day one, I’m now like a Mama Grizzly Bear…they thought it was humorous but then understood fully what I meant about protecting them and looking out for them on another level. I don’t want my girls growing up in fear at all but just awareness, a deep awareness that not all who smiles along with them or looks at them with a smile on their face will mean them good. I told them that usually it’s the mother in nature that will do the most physical damage if she senses anything that could harm her babies; they are her reflection and life force and it’s so important to maintain the bond. Gone are the days when I had to remind my children to look both ways to cross a street and to pick them up (literally) when they were afraid or hurt. We have a deep bond but it is now becoming more intuitive…I’m helping to instill in them how important it is to trust their intuition, their inner voice in all that they do because I am not around them all of the time and they have to remember what Mama has taught them. It’s kind of scary to think about and I have my days where I don’t want to let them go…but I know I have to. They will learn through example and will feel free to test their young wings out when they fly from the nest, though they will always know Mama will be there…design-pics-inc-grizzly-bear-mother-and-cubs-lay-in-field-southwest-ak-nsummer

2 thoughts on “Always there…

  1. It is hard to let them go and live their lives, though I’ve noticed that they are always nearby should they need the protective wing again 🙂 The best we can do is teach them to be strong confident women, and the best way to do that is to be strong confident women ourselves. ❤

    1. Yes!! That is the key and the way to help our children grow into healthy and well balanced adults.. I am loving the journey, though hard at times because they are growing so quickly! Thank you for sharing your thoughts❤

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