Earth Lore…


Growing more into my divine self means allowing certain aspects to die off…I love that she nurtures me, Eye am because of her; Mama Earth. Her roots stretch from me to the ground and I am grounded in her…she is the truth. I have to pay homage to her as often as possible especially now in these times; life’s tumultuous and the waves of change can make me feel off balance. Some days I’m like; “really”?? I don’t think I can take anymore but oh yes I can…I’m an old soul and a strong one at that with the blood of my ancestors running through my veins and if anyone knows who and what I come from, they’d say a hearty “Ase”. So, with this newfound strength, I knock the boulders of opposition out of my way once and for all…I’m made of the same stuff as the stars in the night sky; now that’s deep.

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