Inner longing…

Expanding, making room for all that I truly desire…yoga this morning to open up to myself…I looked up as the trees were looking down…their limbs all around, seemingly dancing in joy. I celebrate this journey for it has been my own, I’m claiming each and every experience and giving myself permission to forgive and forget, because that is how my soul stays strong. Can’t stay thinking about all of the wrongs and trying to make them right in my sight. As long as I focus on what matters, I’ll get pass all the mad hatters…I’m told I smile a lot, or at least when I’m out and about, there’s a smile on my face without a doubt…so thankful I am to have this expressed about me because for a long time, anger and sadness filled my heart and it sank into an abyss…the only way out was up and I’m still rising…I don’t feel like hiding anymore, who I am and what I am about…in fact, I’m learning each day to learn to do without what I’ve been so used to relying on…tread new paths, work that magic and don’t be afraid of it…it’s been there all along, just waiting for me to believe in it and tap in…


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