Sweet Nairobi, it’s so hard to believe you are gone…I kind of had a feeling that you would be leaving soon…but of course I didn’t want you to. I felt sadness creep in, kind of preparing me for what was to come. I can still feel your soft fur and see your cute eyes dart back and forth when I’d play around with you. You were the epitome of love.

I recall so many precious memories of you-so many that I could write a book about you.But the most heart-warming memories are those that I have of you and the girls. You were with them for all of their young lives. Babyhood, toddler, preschool, elementary, middle and high school. You were their angel; watching over them always…How can I begin to thank you, Nairobi? I miss you so much.



Seventeen years of unconditional love; you will be missed Sweet Girl, Duchess (as my mom lovingly referred to you), “Full Moon Ob”, Goddess, you were all of that. You went peacefully in your sleep surrounded by the love of your family, your girls.

You were a rare treasure and now you have your angel wings…I love you, Nairobi. ❤

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