Forever Young…

Gemini~Gem in Eye…our season has arrived, what a wonderful time to be…to thrive and connect with that other side…of ourselves. Is it mysterious, flighty, passionate or meek?  I take the time to seek…ribbons of thought twirling in my mind, colors fill the space and in each moment I shift…move to a new place. It is good to gather what is mentally needed and work off of it to connect in other ways…just when I think I can relax and play, like a tree in a storm my mind can sway and sway…forever young, caught in a place where age has no case, so many chase the dream of being young again, and for me, it is a state of mind, I don’t try too hard to grow “older”…it is just happening naturally, without forcing it, expecting it almost. Each stage in my life has to be met with gratitude, if I am to remain youthful in mind, body and spirit…if I’m quiet enough, I can hear it…


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