I’m sitting here thinking about how quickly time flies…May is here and with it comes the anticipation of Summer and my birth month; June! I’m excited but also in deep reflection about this realization. Is this year really almost halfway over? Well, that will be so come June…let me just enjoy the moment though, these moments will never again transpire and so let me be fully in before they expire. I’m filled with joy, intermittent sadness and also peace because there’s nothing I need to do but allow…it’s not easy but one thing we cannot control is time, we can however control how we use it. Are there easier ways of doing things when the tried and tested ways just don’t come through? Yes, indeed there are…but it takes time to gather thoughts in different situations, where there’s a will there’s usually a way. We all have unique ways in which we use our time, just so long as we know that it’s a precious commodity. I’ve often rushed my way into things or out of things so that I can move on to the next item. Who doesn’t rush at times? We are all rushing to and fro, but sometimes we have to say “no” to moving too quickly; we will miss important things…There are moments in my life that I wish I’d not rushed into so quickly, but I cannot change what’s happened in the past. Memories and lessons keep me grounded…I’m taking everything and molding it into the story of my life, there once was a time when most of my decisions were made for me…now, time will only tell and spell out the rest…so let me just do my best. ❤




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