I love to do things that nurture my soul, especially during my moon time…I’ve been in more deep reflection about how important it is to slow down and relax…I want to model this behavior for my daughters so that they will know how to care for themselves…as we get older we take more time away from self care; things that are nurturing to do but that we don’t do enough. Hot tea is good, baths are sweet and warm and hearty food is the recipe for a new me…Sunshine and gardening is so soothing and I’ve also been more quiet, what are my dreams saying? What do I need to learn from each experience in my life?…Ooohh quiet time can be sooo delicious and welcoming. It’s all about feeling safe and comfortable in my own space…and okay with what surfaces…that is truly why we (wombmen) should take more time to slow down during our cycles. How do we do that when the world around us does not stop?? Well we can honor the feelings that come up…write them, sing them or cry them out…it is a way to validate the dark and the light within. Go to a sacred or special spot in nature; bring a book, bring your thoughts but leave your phone behind, even if it is for a few moments…be present and disconnected at the same time…let go! This has been a ritual of mine for a while, I’d often go to the ocean with my girls or a park and just walk the trails; marveling at the serenity around me. All of this is free to do and helps rejuvenate my tired wings…oh yes, I am exhausted from flying around; even butterflies get weary <3…


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