Thoughts in the wind…

In the dark, eye cry…where nobody can see my tears…I just have so much I yearn to say…and it won’t be shared in just any way.

The other day as I shopped in Trader Joe’s, a woman approached me and asked if my hair was all mine…I said yes with a smile. She then told me about her bout with cancer and how she’d lost so much hair, she even pulled back her hat to show me. I told her she had a purpose in this life and was a strong spirit…she really had a lot to get off her chest and I listened intently…she needed to share, to get off her chest what she’d been thinking, I could tell…I’ve made peace with the fact that folks are drawn to me, they sense the empathy…they Know…is it in my face, does it show? My dreams tell me things that I wonder about, In my dreams I can cry and shout…but when do I get to share what Eye am scared about?


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