Can you hear me?

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to read and write stories…she liked talking with her friends as well, though she was known to be “soft spoken”. Her teachers always asked her to speak up during class discussions or if they called on her to answer a question…She “felt” things before she spoke them and was often uncertain about how she’d be received. This uneasiness stayed with her and would sit in the pit of her stomach like bricks…but one day, she became aware of this pattern. Perhaps she didn’t want to speak so loudly all the time, or maybe; just maybe, she spoke loudly in other ways…with her actions, her love for the world around her; the natural beauty and order of things… She would go off into the woods and never be afraid, for she knew that she was okay…she had the gift of intuition, she just knew what she knew…but others didn’t know this about her of course, at least not those who were so busy trying to get her to prematurely change…change would come, but in its own timing. She had to grow first and blossom like a flower…then she would most definitely step into her power.


It actually surprised her on many occasions when she’d hear herself speak; louder and louder and it was her release. She found ways of doing this when she wrote too and even now when she feels like she can’t “say” it, she will write it…oh make no mistake, she will be heard…she is not afraid anymore. She doesn’t care about who leaves her because they don’t understand, she knows that only the real ones will stay, the ones who see themselves in her and she in them. Her naivety and tendency to trust easily has saved her in some ways because she believed in the good of others…it was hard for her to acknowledge that not everyone would have her best interest at heart…she remembers how certain events in her life forced her to learn to look out for herself; always. She had to be her own best friend and to learn to trust that voice inside of her. To never, ever let it be quieted by others, or even herself for that matter…she feels so fulfilled though this life is still and always will be a work in progress…the best thing is that she loves her voice and doesn’t silence it to fit in or be comfortable around others; she owns it and therein owns her power.


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