Divine and on time…

When I know, I just know…you can try to tell me otherwise but when I feel with my heart and womb, my mind can go kick rocks. Is it crazy to be led by my heart in some matters? I don’t think so…It’s not my nature as a woman to be logical about everything. This week has been a week of miracles; and all during a Mercury Retrograde! I was about ready to “write off” certain things in my life that I’ve been wanting to manifest. I’ve intuitively began to connect the dots and to see the bigger picture that is coming into view…I’m on the Creator’s timing for my life and I have to remember this; we may not get what we want as soon as we want it or it may come later when we are truly ready to receive it in all of its glory.


It is my birthright to be blissful in this lifetime; pain and sadness are reminders that I am not in alignment with what I truly desire. I don’t have to work tirelessly to be joyful…yes, I do have things I have to do to maintain a smooth exchange with the outside world but it should not drain me. How many of us are putting our dreams to the very bottom of our lives, tapping in to them only when we are “free” to do so? Our lives need love, care, watering and inspiration to grow into the beautiful flowers we desire to see. I am emotional when it comes to realizations and moments of clarity; I will not hesitate to cry tears of joy when I finally get it…It truly is a beautiful thing. Then the smiles come and I gladly go about my life, knowing that everything is working in divine order.

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