Breathing life into 2016

Eye see invigorating experiences,  I am dancing to soul stirring music and I have new relationships and endless possibilities for me to birth myself into in 2016. The birth pangs were felt deeply in 2015, and at one point I almost thought I’d be winding my way through the tunnel of stagnation forever..but everything happens when it is supposed to; when I am ready to receive it.


It is also about perspective…perhaps things I had not given a second thought to before are back for a review! We are in Mercury retrograde, which sometimes can make us feel like shrinking back and taking extra time with “big” decisions. But all is well…relax, review and remain calm will be my mantra. In 2015, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, but now I see the forest, the sky and the gift of clear vision. It was tough owning my mistakes and assessing where I was in life and where I planned to go…some things could have waited, some things needed more time than I had been giving and are now at the forefront of my journey.


I have the biggest desire to see  my dreams come to fruition, and they need my fuel, not fear…or they will suffocate and cease to exist. I know I didn’t come this far to “barely exist.” I have two young people depending on me, two souls, my mirrors reflecting the zeal I possessed about life for as long as I can remember; my daughters. I am not one to give too much energy to other folks opinions, at least not anymore, but my daughters…yes, I care all day about what they think and have to say. I always tell them not to ever talk themselves out of what is good for their spirit, not even me or their papa. I know what it is like to wish and regret choices, but there are only lessons, never mistakes unless we “choose” to do something again knowing it will have repercussions. Success is different for everyone, the success that I see encompasses me and my very being. So, for now, writing and affirming my desires on a daily basis is where my focus needs to be. I am more powerful than I believed  myself to be, so much so that at times I didn’t realize I was exercising my power to be “less than” what I know I truly could be. It’s time to be “more than” I ever dreamed I could be and then some…Happy New Year…keep breathing life into your dreams…

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