Lotus flowers and birth power

So, I have this huge dream of mine that I plan to make a reality…it all began some years ago when I was expecting my first child. The midwife I had at the time owned a birth center and it was a beautiful home that she’d bought. She turned each of the rooms into “birthing” rooms where mothers could labor and deliver their baby. I remember the softness of the rooms, the bright sunshine that poured into them and the warm colors in the home. I fell in love with the idea and didn’t think more about doing it myself until now. I am currently a doula, and I am planning to become a midwife. I want my birth center to be in the heart of the city, and I want to be there for mothers and families during one of the most beautiful experiences of their lives; the birth of a child.


I like to call myself a “seasoned” doula. I have experienced many seasons in birth; winter, summer, spring and fall. I know what it is like to be in this beautiful space with a mother…I also know what it is like personally. Having had my own personal experiences with birth and loss, I don’t think there is a mother out there that I could not be there for. Doulas, midwives and birth-workers in general are needed now more than ever before and I am ready to pick up where I’ve left off. I can hear the calls, feel the energy and see the need. I cannot deny what I love, what my gift is and what brings me so much joy… Birth and all the energy surrounding it gives me life. I’ve never not teared up at seeing a new life come into this world…It is time to return to innocence! So it will be. I see a big space, with a nice porch, a yard with lots of trees and flowers for those moms who want to be outside during their laboring hours…I see paintings adorning the walls of moms and babies…I see myself; talking with and encouraging my clients just as my midwife did for me in the months preceding my birth. I feel so complete when I think about it all…I even envision my daughters being a part of this dream. I can’t wait to make it a reality…the only thing that awaits me, is me…

“sweet little spirit, we await your presence…ever patient are we for you to come, take your time precious one”

I think I will have this engraved above the door to the entrance of my birth center. 🙂








2 thoughts on “Lotus flowers and birth power

  1. How powerful is this post?? The act of visioning combined with such a beautiful goal, something that you can share with families including your own babies… I’ve been thinking about doula-work, but end of life. Do you know of any doula institutes/programs that are also woc-friendly? I’ve been doing a google search for Michigan but it seems asking around firsthand might be better. I’ve thought about birth work but I have quite a few fears wrapped around that. When you went through training, were things like that addressed?

    1. Hi Love! Thank you so much for your uplifting words, I so appreciate it. I think it’s wonderful that you also have been thinking about becoming a doula as well :). I started my training with DONA but decided not to continue with them for several reasons. I have connected with a few other doulas in the city so far and I’m a part of a group on FB called Doulas of Color, so networking with them has proven to be helpful. I had been speaking with a friend of mine about woc-friendly programs and I will definitely let you know. I thought of being a doula for end of life situations as well, with mothers who’ve lost their baby…it is definitely a need for more of them. I hope we can talk more about this soon, I look forward to connecting with you. ❤

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