Second Childhood

Often, our spirit is usually light years away from the heaviness of the mind…wanting to let go of past pain, stagnant relationships and even ego…but we mentally hold on…we hold on because we never thought freedom was possible, and we are so used to how things have been that change can actually be “painful.” I’m learning that life is not “happening to me”…it’s teaching me beyond my limited scope of thinking that I have more of an active part in it than I ever thought…

I’m ready to put my superwoman cape back up in my closet and allow it to collect dust. I miss being vulnerable, open and free. I’m over being “tough” on the exterior, it’s not fun anymore…I want to rest easy in the arms of life’s beautiful moments, no longer feeling the need to protect my softness but share it. The lessons have been learned, oh yes indeed they have and writing about my journey has been more than a release. I can’t wait to embrace what’s next…



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