It’s time now…

What we no longer need often has a way of exiting our lives at the appropriate time…It’s no need in fighting or resisting, because what exits will be replaced. The hardest part about this truth is accepting it even when we cannot see the outcome immediately. I feel the transition, I accept it and I am so open to it…It’s like evolving to that next level…This was me then, and this is me now…welcome to my new world. My new world where I smile as often as I can, where I realize my worth and potential now more than ever before and where I push myself to higher heights.

So, that was a sweet introduction to this piece, but now I will elaborate. My laptop that I’ve had is literally “falling apart”. Now, I have had it for a couple of years now and I bought it used. It has been a great addition to my life and a very helpful tool for the kind of work I do and for writing. But alas, it is wearing quickly. The frame is cracked in a few places and I basically need to replace it. It’s just getting to be more difficult these days to transport it around, it’s very fragile now, not like when I first bought it; it was sturdy and strong. I can see that this is happening at a time in my life when so much is literally “falling away” to open me up to new experiences and ways of being. I’ve “depended” on my laptop to communicate, write and network with others. I have no plans whatsoever to stop writing, communicating and networking, but this too will be changing, in “how” I do it. I will admit that I don’t replace or stop using something until I just can’t anymore, there has to be a really good reason for me to throw my hands up in despair. I’ve accepted that with change comes acceptance…not resistance.

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Holding on to something that does not work to its optimal ability is settling. I’ve been settling for too long and it’s been revealed to me that I never had to…it was always a choice to move in a different direction, to be more receptive to what I truly desire and I happily accept. It may seem small to those reading this, but to me it is not…it is the way of thinking about this situation that is “big” to me. I churn things around in my head often, usually trying to grasp the “bigger” picture. It’s hard sometimes because I have to accept things that maybe I was ignoring before, but no longer can. And it is okay for that is growth at its finest. I am stretching out of a sculpture of myself that was created years ago but is now “cracking and breaking” at the seams to reveal the new me…”don’t be afraid to embrace her” is what I tell myself now and forever and so it is…

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