Was up late last night, writing to my heart’s desire. I love when words spread like wildfire inside me…I can’t get enough, I know I’m not ready to sleep and so I make a hot cup of tea. What else will come from deep within me? Reviewing, looking at old entries, back then writing was a breeze. But I’m a grown woman now, it’s time to talk about things that will leave folks “wowed”. As I climb this magic totem pole, there is nothing under the sun for me to write about that isn’t long overdue or too old. It’s been time to open up and share, write like I really don’t care because I don’t. My job is to express what is not being talked about in the masses, or even how I feel when I leave a special class…expression is the greatest gift, gives my soul a much needed lift…every time I agree to write something, I am sharing a piece of me for you to see. Are you ready, do you see me? I’m here and not going anywhere. I will be sitting by candlelight, fingers moving steadily typing as fast as thoughts hit me…


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