Up up to the sky…


The highlight of my morning! A pigeon flew into the coffee shop at exactly 11:11 A.M…this was a nice reminder to me in regards to “taking flight”. May I always remember from where I came and embrace my foundation…This is what her visit meant. I watched for all of three minutes as she flew high up in the windows gazing toward the sky. “How do I get back outside”? Well, with a little help and no resistance, she was gently kinded back outside with the help of a patron…how? With a broom and some steady hands…she flew pretty fast and free once he let her go…she was fine now. And so it is…I’m fine now, I have roots, a home, family and friends to return to and share my goals, dreams and memories…though I’m always ready to create new ones. Fly high and free, safely and soundly sweet bird…Love will guide you…always…

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