True balance…

This morning started off with me misplacing some things and getting annoyed because I could not find them. I then piggy backed off of those feelings to include more things that I could be upset about. I really had a pity party going and I was the only guest invited…a party that I started but was not enjoying at all. I needed to turn things around and quickly…what exactly was I upset about? I spoke with a friend and she encouraged me which brought me out of my funk and I found what I had misplaced…By then, I started to smile and breathe easier…it really wasn’t all that to begin with. I remembered that others are going through it much more deeply than I am…not to compare or feel bad about my “bad” days…but everything should always be put into perspective when and if “complaining” becomes a crutch. I am not a big complainer but sometimes, I do…I am only human. Some days I do ask why, even for journeys that are not my own…I just don’t like to see others in pain or going through difficult times. But without the bad there would be no good…there would be no true balance…


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