Beautiful just the way you are…each of you a Star <3


I had been working on this piece for a couple of weeks, and now it is complete! I love studying the astrological signs, it is intriguing, yet fun to me. I’ve compiled a few short lines about each sign…I wrote this purely from personal experience (from friendships especially) and also from what I’ve learned thus far…to me, the descriptions are heart felt; enjoy!


Light like a fairy, her wings carry her high, she really could surpass the sky…but sometimes, she is working overtime in her mind, as she has two sides..the sign of the twins, Gemini is yin and yang…


Fiery Mama; down to her heart and soul…Leo loves intensely; from the beginning til days of old. Led by the Sun and always bright, many are warmed by her enduring light, but do not test the Lioness, lest you risk her bite…


Precious Dove; knows what love feels like emotionally, creates such beautiful art in the way she lives; sometimes she travels to places we cannot see…who am I speaking of? The Ethereal Old Soul; aka Pisces…


Live and direct and oh so super fly…She says what she means and means what she says…Queen Aries, much too busy for frivolous worries…


Divinely intuitive Scorpio, got me wishing I could read minds too… What a gift, so intense, passionate and protective she is of those she adores. Yet one of the sweetest of souls right down to her core.


Adventurous spirit, mind tingling vibe; she travels many places to connect with her tribe. Expansive, loving and connected with her mind; truly a gem of a soul and a sign of the times…


Endearing face and enveloping eyes, listen to her words as they are usually wise…connect with her where the moon meets the Sea. Her familiar home, never too far away does she roam…


Life is a beautiful idea, she balances it with lovely antidotes, thrives off reminders of what she enjoys the most.


She is the Water-Bearer, but not necessarily with her tears…she is light years away, always something so truly profound to say…


Quite captivating and classy, creatively in tuned…she works hard for herself, always feeling a need to improve. Capable and willing to go the extra mile, and if you want to experience joy, just look at her smile…


Earthy girl, living in her elemental world; the earth’s inhabitants are truly her friends…the peace she feels within when making the deepest of connections ties it all in…


Fierce in her approach, not timid in the least…a voice that is confident and her surroundings, so neat…her heart beats to the tune of her special song…she cares for and loves deeply the things that make her strong.


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