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Inner blooms…


Tiny blooms and berries…the deep color of the berries urged me stop and get a closer look…My eyes fixated on tiny lavender “flower buds”…so sweet. Not necessarily to the taste, but visually. It’s like when the berry falls from the stem, a flower takes its place. Fall is such an array of colors…symbolizing change. I admire nature’s reminders…some are subtle at first and then time seems to stand still, yet so much is going on around us…around me, around you. Take inventory; what will you allow to “flower” in your life. Plant the seeds, keep them warm and safe. Allow expired aspects of yourself to fall away; to reveal flowers, new aspects of yourself just blooming and waiting to be nurtured by you…



A creative expressionist; a hopeless romantic; hence the poetic side of me and an intellectual woman who also happens to have a very good sense of humor. This blog represents me as I am now; a sensual, fun loving, intense woman who writes about topics that could go on forever. My life experiences with birth, thoughts on sexuality, astrological truths, motherhood, goddess energy, relationships, mystical moments, and so much more will be written in this beautiful space. Join me for this unforgettable journey of seeing the world through my writing.

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