Illumination; Aries Full Moon


Oh how she showed out last night…I could feel her fiery energy reverberating through me, transforming me and opening me as I looked up into the sky.

I can feel the characteristics of the sign that the moon is in and Aries is a powerful sign that cannot and should not be underestimated. “Stopping before starting again” popped in my head and became my mantra. Not to mention that we are also in Mercury retrograde…”review it all and reassess my journey”, and most importantly; RESPECT the feelings that come up in the process.

Last night, as I watched the moon’s light become slowly enveloped by darkness, I thought of balance. Half light and half dark; yet still the same moon…that is me, in my true fullness of being; my authenticity.


Lunar eclipses mean change; embracing the “shadowy” places where emotions can sometimes take us. Usually I’m not afraid, but I have been guilty of pulling away, denying what is oh so present right before my eyes. The Moon does not give me that luxury; for in her fullness, she resonates with my emotions, she illuminates what is hidden, every time. I cannot hide from her intensity, but then, why would I even want to?

As I watched the moon become fully covered, she then took on a deep red hue, and I felt her in all her glory. The clouds had made way for her as she took her rightful place in my spirit…I felt her energy and humbled myself; accepting the messages; quietly but confidently still. With her, there is no need to pretend, to have an internal tug of war with myself or to fear what I feel. Everything is validated and will be attended to, if not in this moment, then for moments to come.

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