Love’s Reflections

It is love that moves me to write, to see the world with new eyes each day, despite what may have happened yesterday. Love is that perfect balance that helps me to connect with my soul. I’m thankful for how I’m loved, the love I give and the love I receive.

How we feel about love is tantamount to our first experiences of it. How were we loved in the past, how are we loved now, what does love require? It actually does not require nearly half of the energy we waste, thinking we are “in love”. Love is a way of life, it is a way to BE. When we go to the root, our core, and feel ourselves tapping into memories of love, it can be emotional. It is sometimes not easy but necessary so that we can move forward in knowing what love truly is…

Love is loving without ulterior motives; it is laughter, love is arms wrapped around you, love is reading a poem aloud to someone special, love is looking in a child’s eyes, love is waking up to the magnificence of a brand new day.

Touch your heart space, feel its powerful beat; that is love. You are LOVE!


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