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The tears want to come and so,

I do not stop them…

Releasing and feeling can be kind of intense;

sometimes, I want to try and make sense of it all…

but, I can’t. I express my emotions at will…tears don’t halt or

stand still. They fall and, me, I let go…of my stronghold…the need to control,

loosening my grip…feeling water at the tip of my nose…crying out, being open.

Emotions overflowing…




A creative expressionist; a hopeless romantic; hence the poetic side of me and an intellectual woman who also happens to have a very good sense of humor. This blog represents me as I am now; a sensual, fun loving, intense woman who writes about topics that could go on forever. My life experiences with birth, thoughts on sexuality, astrological truths, motherhood, goddess energy, relationships, mystical moments, and so much more will be written in this beautiful space. Join me for this unforgettable journey of seeing the world through my writing.

5 thoughts on “Flow…

  1. It is such a relief to let go, like sinking into the depth and finding a new surface down there. What we hold back is lost forever what we let go of becomes ours forever 😊💕💕💕💕

  2. I love this so much. I’m trying to find the balance in how I release my emotions. I used to never be afraid to do this, but some recent things have made crying very hard. I miss who I was when I was fully confident that my softness was is a strength. I’m slowly bringing that awareness back. Ironically, even when I try not to be tender – people sometimes tell me I’m *too* tender (if only they realized just how much more tender I could be!)…*exhaling* loving myself back to the softness I once knew ❤ …thanks for this entry, thanks for marrying power to releasing ❤

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