Children’s spaces…quiet places

Children benefit from meditative practices too!

Just before the end of the school year, I started playing meditative music in the mornings for us while getting ready for our day. I feel like it really helped to release any remnants of the day before and start fresh. I noticed more smiles on my daughters’ faces and I also felt like they appreciated this time together. Since they were babies I have been playing quiet music for them to fall asleep to in the evenings and also recorded stories. Now that they are older, I think it is even more important for them to remember how to center themselves and I love being an example for them to emulate these mindful practices. Sometimes we forget that our children can be over stimulated from the daily stresses of the day and to counteract that; I encourage quiet time for them. They are now beginning to do this for themselves. My little one surprised me one day and sat quietly in her room, closed her eyes and was just still for a few moments. I smiled to myself as I watched her, it was a very sweet scene to see.

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