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Thoughts for today…

I have noticed in cycles when the moon is dark; I am dark with her…I don’t feel so inclined to be all fuzzy and warm. My emotions really do come to the surface and it isn’t always pretty. I will cry and I don’t fight it, sometimes I can’t seem to get my words together to even write. I just need time to be…It’s really all about embracing myself in entirety…even the parts of myself that others may not always see.




A creative expressionist; a hopeless romantic; hence the poetic side of me and an intellectual woman who also happens to have a very good sense of humor. This blog represents me as I am now; a sensual, fun loving, intense woman who writes about topics that could go on forever. My life experiences with birth, thoughts on sexuality, astrological truths, motherhood, goddess energy, relationships, mystical moments, and so much more will be written in this beautiful space. Join me for this unforgettable journey of seeing the world through my writing.

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