Moon Tears

Early this morning and late last night, I watched her…she rose, then she set. She was so powerful and my emotions felt her pull. Light was shed in the places that I had kept hidden for so long. This morning I took a picture of her leaving the early morning sky, disappearing behind the trees. To me it was kind of symbolic of closing chapters in my life that I have completed. For a moment, I was overwhelmed but felt better after shedding some tears; allowing my soul to grow and breathe.

lagrimas de la luna

I knew that this moon would be intense for I felt her weeks before she even emerged. I couldn’t figure out why I was in protective mode of myself, like a turtle’s hard shell protecting its soft body. I spent time alone, writing when I felt the urge, creating a vision board, and clearing my space. Music and meditation helped me tremendously and so did expressing my emotions. Sometimes, I want to be so involved in the act of planting seeds and watching them grow that I forget to be patient with myself, for I too am a seed trying to find fertile ground.


A beautiful sister of mine once told me that Scorpio is not a sign that is “in between”, it is not “lukewarm”, it is all the way hot, or all the way cold. That is just how I felt with this moon’s energy. There is not a minute more to waste on “contemplating” or being indecisive, I am clear and okay with the clarity I have and I welcome even more experiences to grow from. I watched her rise last night as the air blew all around me, she pushed through the clouds and boldly commanded attention to her magnificent, sensual beauty. And now for the next phase…continuing to focus on aspects of my life that have changed. It is so easy to relinquish and give in at times, but this is not an attribute of a Scorpio moon. In her fullness, I step into my fullness, and the moon, regardless of the sign she is in, always helps me to remember this most beautiful truth.

Love, Light and Full Moon Blessings!

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