Light as a feather…

…I went to the ocean over the weekend with my girls. I had been planning to go for the longest, but the timing needed to be right. It is often bittersweet to be living within 20 minutes of any given beach…today was the day though, we all needed the waters; Yemaya’s energy…


It was so beautiful outside; overcast then sunny…the water felt cool as I stepped in, stopping for a moment as the waves splashed against my skin. Then, eagerness took over and I submerged myself with one quick dive…I felt invigorated all at once as the magical ocean engulfed my frame…it was so nice, a very memorable moment indeed. From that point on, the water was no longer cold, but had a perfect temperature; a mix of sunshine naturally warming me. I swam out further, stretching my limbs and allowing my body to just float. The lightness I felt was so relaxing; so simple, and just what I had been craving. I felt seaweed here and there brushing against my body, and watched as tiny fish swam closely under it for protection. I looked out onto the vastness of the ocean; realizing how tiny I was. I felt so connected though, to the sea; it was familiar to me…


The waves were coming in fast; growing in size as the sun began to lower in the sky. The tide was very high; but it made swimming that much more fun. I lay on my back and looked up at the sky as my body floated effortlessly…I was relaxed, that is until the next wave came in…I slept so well that night, so grateful and thankful for a beautiful time. I felt recharged; like I plugged into a natural energy source, which is really what I needed this visit…I can’t help but to be inspired. Love and Light.


6 thoughts on “Light as a feather…

  1. I love it. I was in Pensacola Memorial Day weekend and I totally experienced that feeling. The water was beautiful, the sun was bright, the sounds of the ocean and the waves….I felt so connected. So at peace….thanks for sharing.

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