Relationships; then and now

Relationships have really been in my thoughts; manifesting them, creating them and evaluating the ones I currently have in my life. How are they benefiting my growth? In what ways have I changed? Am I holding on to relationships that I have outgrown just for the sake of familiarity? Am I allowing myself to fully be open to new relationships that will nurture my spirit in a way that I need it most?


These are not always the easiest questions to even ask of myself, but they are necessary. In the past, I have held onto relationships way past their “due date” and would totally be in another world even when the signs were there that it was just time to let go…but how? There are a million ways to let go or even steer a relationship in a new direction, but it truly depends on where we are emotionally and mentally. I think the way we identify with who we are to a person sometimes can cloud our judgement. What to do when things change? I once wrote a letter to someone I was in a relationship with; not seeing this person physically and knowing that I would not again. I read it out loud; through watery eyes as if they were right in front of me; the emotions that were tied to this person were so strong…hence the tears. I then burned the letter and washed the bits of it down the drain…this was the beginning…I stopped communicating with them, not out of anger but out of necessity…I had to move on. Sometimes, that is what is needed.


The love I had for this person was now returned to me…so that I could get the boost I needed at such a difficult time. After a while, I felt peace, knowing I created my own way of letting go. When I’m with someone and I’m at my best; I can say anything, do anything, share anything and just be emotionally free; I sense that the relationship is like food to my soul. When laughter is abundant and eye contact brings smiles, when I don’t even care about the miles, I know I am in a good space. When I can communicate my thoughts, share my wildest and deepest dreams; I feel like there is no limit to the potential that a relationship can have. I used to regret being in certain relationships, wishing I had never “wasted my time” or even finding fault with my decisions of the past. But everyone is a teacher, everyone that comes into my life is meant to show me something and I’m also meant to be a teacher for them…it may be the hardest lesson, it may be easy, but nevertheless, it is all about perspective. These days, I envision my relationships with love and full of life; present, future and even past ones; with a hint of forgiveness so that I can truly move on. After all, Love is Free…


3 thoughts on “Relationships; then and now

  1. Asila

    Love the output you wrote, I agree it is a challenge to discontinue relationships that are draining our energy to the point that one forgets or undermine their own necessities to live. I know, personally, leaving certain relationships would be really hard, since I would feel such a connection and joyful image of the person, until I realize the reality of how the person was affecting me. It is a divine reason that relationships was the topic that was calling on this Libra moon, since it deals with balance. Really love this piece🌹

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