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The Sensation of Confirmation

I’m looking at the last time I blogged and it has been a while, not because I haven’t had anything to write but because my time has been occupied with soul rejuvenating experiences. These past few weeks, quality time was spent with my daughters and I really treasured every minute. We were enraptured in laughter, new sights, new sounds and new moments that we will keep close to our hearts. I felt confirmation for all of the visions that I have for us, we are truly moving forward in so many ways. To be consciously aware of what life can open you up to is a beautiful thing. No longer do I fear making big decisions that will impact my life for the better…even when I know that everyone around me will not always agree. I don’t live my life to appease others, I live my life to be a beautiful example of what can happen if I just allow. This was not an easy place to come to, in fact, the destination is yet to be reached, but I am on my way. We are on our way…the sensation of confirmation rests deeply in my spirit and is shining from a place that I feel with so much passion; my heart.

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A creative expressionist; a hopeless romantic; hence the poetic side of me and an intellectual woman who also happens to have a very good sense of humor. This blog represents me as I am now; a sensual, fun loving, intense woman who writes about topics that could go on forever. My life experiences with birth, thoughts on sexuality, astrological truths, motherhood, goddess energy, relationships, mystical moments, and so much more will be written in this beautiful space. Join me for this unforgettable journey of seeing the world through my writing.

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