L-O-V-E is L-I-F-E


Valentines day brings up fond memories of being a senior in high school carrying a huge teddy bear, flowers and candy from class to class until the day was over, my smile as big as the sun. How sweet it felt to be thought of, it made my 17 year old heart melt, just like the millions of pieces of chocolate that will be sold in honor of Valentine’s Day…but it goes a little deeper than that because of course most holidays have their roots in religious history and then are commercialized.


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I didn’t intend to go there with facts and such from the holiday but to share my thoughts on what Love really is and should be. Love is the most misunderstood emotion but the most needed. Love is a mirror that shows us on so many levels how we feel about our own selves. I’m usually not one to make Valentine’s Day a big deal because honestly for me, each day I live and breathe is a day to show love to those around me. Dinner, movies, wine, chocolate and I love you has been an all too easy way to express something that is much too deep for the frivolity of what Valentines Day symbolizes. It surely feels wonderful to receive heartfelt gifts and of course to be thought of…but since when do we need to be reminded to do all of this when love has been around, like forever?

I’m reminded of a poem that I adored as a little girl, simply titled “Honey I Love” by Eloise Greenfield:

I love I love a lot of things,

a whole lot of things

Like My cousin comes to visit

and you know he’s from the South ‘Cause

every word he says

just kind of slides right out of his mouth

I like the way he whistles

and I like the way he walks

But honey, let me tell you

that I LOVE the way he talks

I love the way my cousin talks


The day is hot and icky

and the sun sticks to my skin

Mr. Davis turns the hose on,

everybody jumps right in

The water stings my stomach

and I feel so nice and cool

Honey, let me tell you

that I LOVE a flying pool

I love to feel a flying pool


Renee comes out to play

and brings her doll without a dress

I make a dress with paper

and that doll sure looks a mess

We laugh so loud and long and hard

the doll falls to the ground

Honey, let me tell you

that I LOVE the laughing sound

I love to make the laughing sound


My uncle’s car is crowded

and there’s lots of food to eat

We’re going down the country

where the church folks like to meet

I’m looking out the window

at the cows and trees outside

Honey, let me tell you

that I LOVE to take a ride

I love to take a family ride


My mama’s on the sofa

sewing buttons on my coat

I go and sit beside her,

I’m through playing with my boat

I hold her arm and kiss it

’cause it feels so soft and warm

Honey, let me tell you

that I LOVE my mama’s arm

I love to kiss my mama’s arm


It’s not so late at night,

but still I’m lying in my bed

I guess I need my rest,

at least that’s what my Mama said

She told me not to cry

’cause she don’t want to hear a peep

Honey, let me tell you

I DON’T love to go to sleep

I do not love to go to sleep


I love

I love a lot of things,

a whole lot of things

And honey, I love you, too.

This poem is such a beautiful example of the sweet innocence of what love truly is from a child’s perspective. Love just is! It is in our daily lives, manifesting from a simple touch, a laugh or even a special memory that is etched in our heart. As I think about my past relationships and even current ones, I’m truly reminded of what love really is to me. My inner child won’t let me forget…It is the most free and beautiful emotion that works best when it is authentic. There have been many times when I’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of love and not so sure how to express it in words, so I’d create loving moments. I would express it through action. But I also had to learn the hard lesson that not everyone has felt genuine love in their lives, or even worse have been told lies about love and made to believe them. I’ve learned that Fear is the opposite of love and will make people do hurtful things. Love is not possessive, it doesn’t hold on to someone tighter when their wings need for them to fly. Love is purity, the essence of Spirit which is inside of us all, just waiting to connect outwardly so that it can be magnified. There are parts of us that we don’t readily share with others because we have been so protective of our most sensitive space; our hearts. But I have realized that the more I open myself up to receiving what is divinely mine, the more I have attracted love into my life. There is certainly not a shortage of “things” to love, but things cannot love us back. We were all created and wired to be loved and to love in return.

“Love is Life”



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