Peaceful places…

There is something so magical, so special about being in the forest…all around me life is constantly unfolding, everything has a purpose. Faeries abound in tiny flowers, bees buzz around, oblivious to me watching in wonder. Shadows are cast when the clouds cover the sun’s light, but I am never afraid. I once was lost in the forest, and found my way out by using moonlight as my guide. I was nervous, a little uneasy but not frightened for I knew I was safe. Telling that story now will bring a smile, but it didn’t at first for a long long while. It is amazing how events in our lives can change how we see things. All it takes is an experience or two or more to see with new eyes. I know that Earth is our mother, she gives life in so many ways…forever grateful am I for this truth. She gives us carpets of beautiful flowers, thick lush greenery, water so pure, and endless paths to walk along to see it all. Why don’t more people spend time in such places? We cannot find this via apps on our phones, oh yes, there are pictures, but BEing in this space gives us the peace we are so busy trying to find elsewhere…

4 thoughts on “Peaceful places…

  1. K'lee L.

    Agreat reminder to all of us, for sure! I don’t know if you’ve ever visited Muir Woods here in Northern California, but your words took me back there instantly. Talk about a place full to overflowing with magic and beauty!

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