Her potential is my joy…

This weekend was beautiful…I watched my youngest daughter do a karate demo on Saturday afternoon and I teared up…mostly because I witnessed her really feeling her power from deep inside. The power that I tell her all the time that she possesses, but often has a hard time tapping into. I was really proud of her. She is dreamy, quiet, artistic, very intuitive and she most definitely has a voice that she will use when she wants to be heard…hmm, I wonder where she gets that from ;).


I saw a side of her, a glimpse of the powerful potential that she has and it really made me proud. My daughter did not know that I was having a “mom” moment, in which I silently remarked at how she has grown and thought about what she will be like as a woman. I just took it all in, grateful through and through for everything that has brought her this far and hopeful for what lies ahead in her young life. Here is to the memory makers, dream catchers and love creators…I salute you…



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