She shines…evermore

Some days, I really don’t mind being misunderstood…for it is a testament to my life’s journey. Not everyone is meant to understand the destiny, the path that I am on and it is okay. I have memories of dimming my light to allow others to shine brightly, but then I began to “blend in” so to speak. My light became one in the same with those around me…One day, however, sparks of blue, pink, bright yellows and greens illuminated from within. I was a living kaleidoscope of new dreams, truths and beautiful realizations of who I am and all that I could think of was filling my spirit with more colorful experiences…


There is now nothing more to fear other than fear itself. When I was afraid to shine my light in previous occasions, I was afraid of myself…afraid of reactions, intrigue and rejection to the Goddess I was becoming and am still blossoming into…

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