Word is Born

Okay, I’m blaming this sudden case of writer’s block on Mercury being in retrograde. That is the only reason I can think of as to why I have been staring at my journal and waiting for the words to come. Most recently, I read through some of my older poems, thoughts and other entries I’ve written in the past…trying to capture the same feelings I experienced when I wrote. It is amazing how words can elicit such an emotional response…As I read some of my entries, I was literally transported back in time…

knowtheledge_011aI also noted that I could see where I was in my life and what was resting deep in my heart. Time has passed and even more is on my heart. I will often have “free flowing” moments, where my words rain from the skies of my mind and I will write nonstop. But not so much at this time, and I’m okay with that. I was initially trying to force myself to produce a few sentences about my current state of mind, the way the wind is blowing right now or how deeply I love; I know, pretty random, but there is a NEVER a dull moment with my thoughts…there are always words being born. It’s just a bit of a reflection time for me now, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Word is Born

  1. obzervashunal

    Thanks for the Mercury Retro reminder! As a Virgo, that’s a biggie. I’m actually just back from a ‘writing break’. Needed to restore the psyche… best of luck with regaining your literary flow!

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