Full Moon in Pisces


It is time to go within emotionally…don’t hold back, don’t even try, for this Full Moon in Pisces will illuminate all aspects of yourself that you have suppressed over time. It will be very healing to your Spirit to allow the watery flow of this Moon’s energy to wash over you. What is recognized as sadness, pain and even anger will be released through our tears, dreams and subtle actions. Grieve what has been lost but at the same time embrace what has been gained…new truths, a refreshing outlook for the days ahead and a chance to truly evaluate our lives from an emotional standpoint. We cannot be logical with this moon’s energy and expect to receive the answers we need. Pisces being the sign of the dreamer, with one foot in this world and one foot in the ethers will show us those hidden mysteries. Will you be open to the flow? Don’t be afraid to listen to the voice of your inner child and go to her with love. Pisces is not a sign of directness, but a sign of compassion, empathy and deeply felt intuition. Pay attention to what you feel during this time and accept it as part of your journey. Create balance that is long overdue by acknowledging the importance of emotional release. Don’t label it or downplay it, just allow it to refresh your Spirit.


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