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Nature is my Solace

Allow yourself to be felt with every fiber of your being. Allow each emotion that arises from deep within you to be acknowledged and embraced for what it is. Say what has been on your heart, treat yourself with love and adoration during moments when your energy is low. A walk in the park is nice, the stillness somehow has magical power over my spirit. I feel lighter as I watch birds fly from tree to tree. Sunlight illuminates my mind, spilling the contents out in the open. I don’t worry though, I just allow…for it is just me, alone and deeply in tuned with my spirit.


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A creative expressionist; a hopeless romantic; hence the poetic side of me and an intellectual woman who also happens to have a very good sense of humor. This blog represents me as I am now; a sensual, fun loving, intense woman who writes about topics that could go on forever. My life experiences with birth, thoughts on sexuality, astrological truths, motherhood, goddess energy, relationships, mystical moments, and so much more will be written in this beautiful space. Join me for this unforgettable journey of seeing the world through my writing.

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