Summer surprise

I felt the nudge to get outside this afternoon, away from work and from my computer screen for a bit. I’m visiting my family in Maryland for a couple of weeks and truly enjoying the summer days here. It is bringing back memories of when I used to embrace the warm summers knowing that winter would return before long.

summer_sunshine-t2 (1)

As I made my way into the afternoon sunshine I felt a breeze wrap around my body, bringing with it a sweet, intoxicating scent of flowers. I made myself comfortable in a chair situated right in the center of my family’s garden. I looked around at all of the precious flowers and plants surrounding me, feeling so at home and in my element. I heard birds singing, a neighbor laughing and then I kind of drifted into my thoughts. I looked up just in time to capture the most beautiful moment. Right in front of me there was a Petunia growing and I saw a little green hummingbird hovering above the purple and red flowers; darting in and out of them.


I sat so very still, watching this little miracle of a bird and I admired her very being. She was so pretty and so tiny; green feathers and wings buzzing so quickly that in a few moments she was gone. I smiled inside and out, feeling so thankful that I had come outside at just the right time. I watched as she flew off back into the trees from where she came…and then I wrote my thoughts in my journal; feeling so happy to have this story to share.

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