Under this tree

Under this tree

“I daydream about sitting under a tree, feeling my emotions run free with the breeze. I gaze around and drown in my words; creating poems out of that emotion I know as love.” It is so easy sometimes to relax in the mundane but what of that world we truly long for in our lives? The one in which the love we have for ourselves takes precedence over other things. I wonder what it would be like for everyone to try this; for an hour each day just sitting under a tree and allowing your thoughts to be free. Free from constraints and what ifs and worries. I think it would help tremendously. Absorbing the energy from Earth by sitting in the midst of it is a strengthening act to me as a woman…”communing in nature” if you will. I make sure that I take time to be in a quiet space outside, it helps my spirit and I am still, I am listening and I’m more aware. The richness that surrounds me is pure love and it strengthens me. There are many options for tapping into the energy of nature; parks, beaches, forests, nature trails, camping, sitting near the lake, or sitting under a tree… How sweet would it be for us to return our love to Mama Earth by spending time with her when the opportunity arises? How sweet would it be for our own well being? We owe it to ourselves to take time alone and just be…

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