Memories of then, happiness now

Some of the happiest moments in my life are when the sun shines all day long, or when I wake up to birds chirping outside of my window and I can bask in the newness of the moment. I love having clarity and peace of mind; my spirit really shines. It is so nice when a day goes by without anything crazy happening, but then; what is crazy anyway? Are there things in my life I have gone through that I wish I could erase? If so, would I be the same woman I am today? My past experiences are now memories, another day has ended and the things I did when I awakened this morning are now memories, as well as the things I did ten years ago. The birds I heard outside of my window are now asleep, the sun has set and the moon is out, until tomorrow. I learned something from most of what I have experienced in my life; happy and not so happy. I had the choice to allow myself to be broken or pick up the pieces of my life and create something new.

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Our past is important to us, but the future can hold so much joy, if we allow it to. I don’t want to color my future by what I did, or used to do, that was then and this is now. Memories of pain can actually boost our emotions with adrenaline as we remember how we felt at the time. The happiest moments can be there as often as I need them to be. I will cry on some days, even yell, or feel out of sorts. But time, what a healing salve it can be, especially for the hardest moments. Time is precious…it really is. I think about what made me happy as a child; laughter, playing outside for hours, listening to “Peter and the Wolf” on the record player at my grandpa’s house. I think about what made me happy as a teenager; going out with my friends, being noticed for who I really was, laughter and staying up late talking all night with my girlfriends. I think about what makes me happy now; sharing love and laughter, smiles from my loved ones, homemade cards from my daughters, road-trips, being in nature, writing poetry, a glorious sunset, witnessing the miracle of birth; honestly I could go on and on with this one!


I am in such a different space in my life, remembering not to attach my happiness to things that are temporary. Happiness is the music that I hear in my ears, the feelings that are evoked; tears may come and fall, but aren’t tears a form of release? When we release something we have been holding onto, it allows us to free up space for new possibilities. Sometime I laugh out loud at a memory from hearing a certain song; healing and happiness in one! Did you catch how laughter was repeatedly making me happy throughout the stages in my life? I don’t think that aspect will ever change; I love to laugh and I feel my cells becoming invigorated with new life whenever I enjoy a good belly laugh. Would it not be the best thing to release the hangups and laugh more?! Children laugh at some of the silliest things, but they don’t care, they are living in their moment of happiness, oblivious to what others think. Let’s strive to be that way, let us find happiness in the simple things again. It isn’t hard at all, and we owe it to ourselves to truly be happy from the inside out.

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