Peace at the park

Yesterday evening was very lovely for me and I treasured every moment…I’d had a long day, even a few energetically exhausting moments and I needed some time and a place to go where I could just exhale the excess of the day. I chose to drive over to a park near my home, thankful that the evening sun would be shining a little longer. The park has many trails as well as stables for the horses that live there, and I quickly became excited about seeing them at this time of day. As I drove through and parked my car, I glanced over at the fields and saw one of the horses running around and it was a treat! Usually when I come to this park, the horses are standing around, munching on grass or walking along slowly. I noticed how the sunlight illuminated the different coats of these majestic animals and also how their muscles twitched occasionally. I walked over and leaned against the painted wooden fence separating visitors from the horses and I just watched them intently. I noticed how peaceful and gorgeous they were, just being in their element; outside in the setting sunlight. I sat on a bench nearby and wished I had brought along something to write in, but also remembering that I came to unwind. I looked around and noticed a few other people walking trails, biking and fishing and made a mental note to come to this place more often. I began to feel a chill in the breeze as the sun came closer to setting while simultaneously noticing a rumble in my stomach. I bid the horses goodbye as I began to walk slowly back to my car. I thought of how thankful I was that I obeyed my intuition and came to this park before the day was over, it was so needed. I felt energized by being in the stillness and absorbing the beauty around me. 




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