Sea Story


I took a long overdue drive to the beach this weekend, with my stones in tow, eager to allow the sea to cleanse them. It was early evening; still plenty of light from the sunshine, but not hot at all; just comfortable. I noticed how the waves were becoming more stronger as I walked along the shoreline. I didn’t plan to swim this time, just take in the calming, invigorating energy of this place. It is always a treat to come here; mentally, physically and emotionally. I imagine the waves carrying my worries far out to sea and replacing them in an instant with a renewed sense of wellbeing. The foamy water covered my feet momentarily and sand engulfed my toes. I kept walking along, watching people enjoy the coming of the sunset, taking one last swim in the ocean before darkness began to set in. Small and medium sized Man of War jellyfish were washing up with the waves and I was intrigued by their deep blue color. 020114173128
It was their season and they were everywhere! I had brought along a few snacks; fruit, chips and yogurt (which I had already eaten most of), some books to read, as well as a small journal. A poem rose from within me as I sat and listened to sounds of gulls, waves and laughter.

       “I feel the ocean’s pull; I hear her waves, I sink my feet in her warm sand and I feel the coolness of her water.
images (5)
The sun has set and the tide becomes more restless, preparing to welcome the moon soon. Sea gulls flapping their wings, flying high, then higher and floating away with the wind.”

It was now becoming darker and I looked out into sea; noticing lights from a large ship; perhaps a cruise ship. Above me stars were beginning to appear, subtly, but surely. I could see a lighthouse to the left of me far off in the distance, a huge light emanating from it. The sun had disappeared; but left a trail of pink, violet and orange colors painted across the sky. The crescent shaped moon had just began to appear; and I smiled inside and out at seeing it above me. I had my stones laid out to absorb what was left of this lovely New Moon energy…loving the stillness of the moment, the quiet.



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