Time for you is due

I have my mind fixated on exactly what I want to birth this year; not as in having a baby, but in the ideas, goals and dreams I would like to see come to fruition. First and foremost though, I want to take better care of myself in this new year; taking more time to nurture my body, mind and soul. I feel like 2013 rushed on by; there were enjoyable moments, but I was always in a rush. I’d rush home from work, rush to get in a load of laundry, rush to get dinner going and sometime; rush back out to the grocery store or for other errands.
I was always in a mad dash, hoping to save time by moving faster, thinking ahead and preparing; just in case. I was in “go” mode so often that it felt weird to just sit and relax; guilt surrounded me like a cloud for simply taking time to be in the moment. Towards the end of the year however, my thoughts began to change. Things began to happen more frequently to show me that I was out of sync.

 As I released things in my life that seemed to rule most of my decisions; leaving little room for peace of mind, I had a clearer view of how much I had been putting my needs on the shelf.  And I wanted to do things differently, immediately. I started small; taking a moment in the evenings to watch a sunset; write in my journal or type up some poems, nap, call a friend and laugh together, or watch a good movie. It was lovely; to just be in the moment. So many times, we as women rely on our reserves of strength to keep on going, but we have to take time to just be…still.
Really sit and tap into what we need for ourselves. We feel guilty when we do this because we don’t do it enough! We are exemplary at what we do; especially with caring and loving those around us, but we have to share some of that love with ourselves. We have to nurture ourselves just as much as we nurture everyone else. Nurture your being and what a gift you are to this world; the uniqueness of your sweet spirit!  I find that during my cycle; I’m so much more in tuned with myself; and I take note of what is going on around me. I hold my dreams to my heart extra tight, as they have deeper meanings, I read more, write more, am less talkative, I fall asleep earlier and sometime I cry; cleansing my spirit. I told myself that for all that I plan to do in 2014; I have to be in tip top shape; mentally, physically and no doubt spiritually. Realizing that devoted time tending to our needs, our emotions, our desires is tantamount to uncovering our true amazing selves as women. And it is our true selves that we will want to come out; and to share with our loved ones, friends and the world around us.

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