Rediscovering and creating

Since the start of the New Year, I have noticed an influx of articles on creativity and how we can build on our innate desire as women to create.  Creativity inspires us to really come into our own; we know what we are capable of and we undertake it with passion in our hearts. imagesCA514NKM
When we come back full circle to what we have always known but drifted away from, it is pure bliss. For me; I am in the peak of self discovery and learning more about what drives my spirit. This new writing space that I have created in honor of the divine feminine is driving me to write articles on deeper subjects.  I am celebrating how far I have truly come; especially with finding my voice. For years I allowed my voice to be silenced for fear of rejection or just not feeling that what I had to say was adequate enough. I know better now, I have changed, morphed into the beautiful butterfly I am meant to be; soaring past my fears. I look forward to nurturing the creativity in me; and it all begins with sharing my most intimate thoughts with you on this blog. How can we tap more into our creativity as women? We can take time to give considerable thought to what brings us joy beyond words. Most of us already know what we love to do; and would do despite our doubts.  I enjoy writing, reading and sharing my thoughts with others and what better way to nurture this desire than to blog about it. When we make the decision to create what we love; to do what gives us purpose, it’s amazing how the Universe seems to smile on us. There is no right or wrong way to tap into this beautiful aspect about ourselves, but only we can do it. Yes, others may notice our gifts and encourage us to “do more” to bring them out and share them, but ultimately we must see ourselves creating on a deeper level.47117-love-heart-made-from-matches
We must spark the flame that resides in our hearts; once we catch that spark and remember the bliss we feel when we are creating a part of us to share with the world, it’s no stopping what we are capable of! I will be the first to say that doubt has gripped me in more ways than one, but I had to realize that if I didn’t nurture my creativity while I could, I would most definitely come to know the deepest pangs of regret. What has been bubbling under the surface of our jobs, families and other’s opinions of how we should use our time? Let this be the year that we pick up that paintbrush again, make that trip to see what we haven’t seen before, write that book, use our camera to capture what is meaningful to us, learn to play the guitar or take that belly dancing class (something I seriously plan to do this year).  Let this year also be the year that we embrace our sensuality, spirituality and innate mystery as the creative women we all are. Ready? Go!

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