She bloomed with the sun and the coming full moon in Cancer. She’s so beautiful and calming to my spirit. People don’t realize the power that flowers command! They stop you in your tracks, to admire and smell them. Some people can’t appreciate a flower’s beauty and so they trample them or pick them prematurely. I will always be transfixed by their seemingly hypnotic power, and will always appreciate them for the sweet beauty they offer to my soul.🌹🕊💙

Early Bird

Lately, I’ve been waking up earlier and I’m honestly loving the energy that comes with it. I’m listening to podcasts and other pertinent sources of encouragement to get my day fired up. I see so much amazing things happening in the near future and I am thankful to be present for it all. It’s like I have this newfound lease on life that will not allow it to pass me by…I’m cherishing my relationships more and noting the ones that really don’t need or deserve my energy, it feels damn good too.


Wishing I could freeze time and savor the ones I love just a little bit longer. There’s never really a great time to say goodbye…No amount of preparation seems to help. It’s just one of those things you learn to deal with. Although, I’ve never been a person who deals with goodbyes easily. As a kid, I’d cry pretty darn profusely, even as my mama would try to calm me, when I had to say goodbye. I know farewell is part of life and it teaches us to treasure what time we do have…It’s just still never been easy. I am ready to say goodbye to this year. Praying with a ferocious intensity that this New Year will be a promising one. We have all been through it and then some. May joy be ours to claim, goodbyes and all.


Yesterday, we headed to the ocean and it was so divine…the breeze from the waves whispered sweet lullabies in my ear and to her deep waters; I felt so near. We brought snacks, towels and laughter. We stayed until sunset and felt so full after our time there. I saw a lighthouse off in the distance, and I wished to visit one some day. I’ve always been fascinated by them and even contemplated living inside of one! I thought of how the light penetrates the water at night, helping to guide the way. I read a beautiful book of poems and drank in every word. Reflecting on how much of a gift it is when we can be opened up by another’s thoughts and words in a way we hadn’t even anticipated. There’s healing in poetry reading, that I know. Such a treat for a day like yesterday. Feeling so much gratitude and love for life. 🥰

“Luminae” by Allison Marie Conway


Yesterday, as my work day was ending, I came outside and noticed the clouds in the sky turning a brilliant pink…something told me to grab my phone and capture a picture. Indeed I did, for it was so surreal…I was half expecting an angel, a phoenix, something large and winged to literally appear in the sky. The beauty of it had me dumbfounded…I also noticed a flock of birds flying in unison as if they could sense a pending storm. I heard thunder in the distance and some gray clouds began to float into view; but the rain didn’t fall…just an eerie calm amongst the sky. I am happy I was able to capture this moment…perhaps angels were communicating at this very moment and I was there to see it…✨⚡️🤍❤️‍🔥

New 🌙

New blessings, new lessons, sweet sessions…It’s a great time to take in something big! My heart is so ready for a huge transformation…karmic lessons have been learned and new wings have I earned. So, it’s time to soar; no more playing it small. I leave behind what no longer serves me, it is my time.

Back in time

Imagining a time when there were no artificial lights, only the flicker of candles to see at night. Sounds of nature as the day came to a close, water trickling downward; a butterfly on my nose. Life as one big playground and no electric towers in sight. The sun rising brilliantly and the moon shining at night. No sense of urgency, no complaints…

Forever in a day

See, the problem is I am living too much in my head…such a fine line to tread upon, thinking all my battles will be won, this way. “Get out more,” they say…today is a new day! It’s true, it indeed is, but why is time lately like a fleeting mist? I currently have a to do list that’s ongoing, and checking things off is making me long for solitude. My attitude has shifted in a major way; I don’t have forever in a day…I only have now.

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