Saturday mood

I want to play music, listen to it take my problems away with every note. Music solves my heart’s deepest woes, if anything, a song is a solution. Eye do believe I have learned the art of speaking in songs. There was a time when I depended on it for communication with someone I love deeply. We would pass songs to each other, and the lyrics always spoke the words we couldn’t convey at the time. It’s a unique way to say I am connected to you through music…and I love you.



Bliss is when the sun is setting just after dinner and you catch a glimpse of it. Bliss is meeting someone who thinks laughter is the best medicine and laughing together for hours. Bliss is reading your published article in a new magazine and looking forward to more. Bliss is a warm cup of coffee made just the way you like.

So far so good 2019…I am thankful for the little things that have turned into big things. Just when I was beginning to forget what bliss could truly feel like…I am being reminded.

Where to next?

I remember loving to take a road trip as a child. It seemed like the hours just rolled lazily by, as we passed through cities, towns and then farmland. A road trip was a welcomed respite from the normal daily grind and an adventure from start to finish. Even now I remember how it felt to be somewhere new. The joys, the new smells, sights and tastes. Today, I love road trips for the same reason. I have dreamed of taking a cross country drive one day, in an RV with someone I love deeply. I think about how amazing it would be all the time. I’d capture pictures at every stop, purchase gift shop memoirs and postcards, and try the fish and chips at all the beach towns. A road trip is a love affair with life and the sweetness it can present each moment.

Coming into this world gently…

This book is one that I have had for some years now…it’s obvious that it has been well loved. Even though it was published in the early 90s, the information within this book is timeless. See, I believe how we come into this world, plays a huge part in our interaction with it. Every person should know their birth story and how their mother was treated as she gave birth. It is like a piece to a puzzle and the healing which can come from this inquisition is priceless. We all have a beginning and we all deserve to be treated “gently” as we come into the world. Newborns don’t need bright lights and loud sounds. They need peace, warm hands and precious time to become acquainted with their parents. This book is like a birth bible in a way…it has so much wisdom that is needed in this time of technological interference with something as sacred as birth. There are of course situations where we may need “medical assistance ” during birth, but not always. For the most part, a keen eye, a calm spirit and trust is most helpful during birth. I recommend this book to anyone looking to dive deeper into what “gentle birth” means. Let’s move forward with the wisdom that has always been there for our future generation. Let’s return to more gentle ways of embracing birth. 💖