Bridge to my heart


There’s something so mysterious about a bridge with a creek running under it. Nostalgia overtakes me as I remember summer days exploring the solitude of nature.

Curiosity pushes me further into the unknown…what stories and secrets do these places hold? Some trees have names with hearts around them etched into their bark. Trees don’t need that though, it’s only for human aesthetics. We need to “pinpoint” everything and everywhere we’ve been. I like to store my picturesque memories in my mind for safe keeping. I do write in the sand though, however, the waves don’t let it last for long…<3

“I was here”

The breeze whispers my name in your ear…do you hear me? I am the shawl covering your bare shoulders…the boulders the waves splash upon. The unfurling of the sun, like your smile…and I would travel mile upon mile for it.


Inhale life, exhale magic


Spring magic; the unfurling of flowers, all colors and all shapes. The longer evenings and soaking up of the sun’s rays. So much life happening around us…pure magic. Sometimes, I just sit outside and observe how the sun shines through the plants; illuminating the leaves in a way.

I recently purchased a new journal that has “namaste” in gold letters against a blue and white cover. I am looking forward to filling the pages…with actual poems and pieces instead of plans for the week ahead (smile).

I haven’t done much writing lately…it seems that I’ve been stealing time to do so. My schedule is more predictable these days and so it feels nice to have some down time to write. I have also had more time to spend outside…and occasionally I bring my journal with me. I never know when I might be inspired! I am looking forward to a beautiful season…

Wood whispers

These beauties are beloved redwoods! How blessed I feel to have been among the giants of the west…I breathed in the air so deeply, taking this forest in. I looked at the hills in delight as I remembered my own adventures as a child in the woods. It was so beautiful here, so calming, so familiar. In this picture, the sun was attempting to peek through the branches, and I love it…It was a very magical experience being here in California.

Love and remembrance

This is my young daughter standing in front of a mural of the 17 innocent children and staff whose lives were taken so coldly. These young people had friends, family that loved them dearly and bright futures to look forward to. My daughter attended elementary school with Helena Ramsey, one of the students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. She even has a picture of them together standing in front of a school project that they created. I think it’s from 4th grade, both girls with cute innocence, Helena wearing a t-shirt that read “Dinosaurs are people too”

We did not know right away that Helena was one of the students whose life was cut short until a few months after the massacre. But when we did find out, we cried into the night, weeping for the senseless killing of this sweet spirited, young girl and her classmates. The girls hadn’t been in touch in a while as they both went on to different middle and high schools but my daughter fondly remembers birthday parties, play dates and a genuine friendship with Helena. I have felt within me; rage, sadness and a sense of helplessness over this tragedy. How does a parent go on after something like this? It’s not right that our schools aren’t safe anymore and that children have had to get used to seeing more police presence on their campuses. It’s not right that our children have to adjust to color code drills “just in case”. And most importantly, it’s not right that the parents of these children will not have the joy of seeing their children graduate and move on with their lives. It hurts my soul because I have no idea of the kind of grief that has overcome their hearts and turned their world upside down. These sweet Angels are resting in the Creator’s arms…looking down on us and sending their love. And us, well we are trying our best to stay strong in spite of this. We love you Helena, always.💖