Coming into this world gently…

This book is one that I have had for some years now…it’s obvious that it has been well loved. Even though it was published in the early 90s, the information within this book is timeless. See, I believe how we come into this world, plays a huge part in our interaction with it. Every person should know their birth story and how their mother was treated as she gave birth. It is like a piece to a puzzle and the healing which can come from this inquisition is priceless. We all have a beginning and we all deserve to be treated “gently” as we come into the world. Newborns don’t need bright lights and loud sounds. They need peace, warm hands and precious time to become acquainted with their parents. This book is like a birth bible in a way…it has so much wisdom that is needed in this time of technological interference with something as sacred as birth. There are of course situations where we may need “medical assistance ” during birth, but not always. For the most part, a keen eye, a calm spirit and trust is most helpful during birth. I recommend this book to anyone looking to dive deeper into what “gentle birth” means. Let’s move forward with the wisdom that has always been there for our future generation. Let’s return to more gentle ways of embracing birth. 💖


Sunday vibes…


Breathing through every day, living in the moment. Revitalizing my spirit outside as I walk through my garden, admiring all of the life right up under my nose. Something smells so sweet; perhaps it is jasmine flowers or honeysuckle. I have missed taking time to just breathe! Summer reminds me to do just that…breathe as I watch the sunset; another day has passed. Breathe as I prepare to write a poem; allow my creativity to rise with each inhale and exhale. Breathe as I move on to the next journey in my life; be present and open. Happy Sunday. ❤

Painting on Saturday

So there is a very cute little calendar that my daughter received from her grandmother. And it has all these lovely little prints complete with a paint set to create your own works of art. I brought my laptop out; intending to do some work on my WordPress site, and also work on a new birth website, doula website and midwifery site all in one. Taking time to paint has really helped with the flow of the day, keeping me chill and calm. I am enjoying mingling colors together to form tiny paintings. They are almost like little fairy posters or something. But it’s my little bit of heaven right now. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy painting, and drawing. It has been years since I’ve sat down and done this, but it’s so worth it. I have a feeling I’m going to want to paint some more throughout the evening, and possibly into the weekend. If it is bringing me this much joy, it is definitely something I need to keep up. One doesn’t really realize the things that they miss doing, until they actually sit down and do them with no abandon.

Happy Saturday!