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Moments worth remembering

My youngest daughter has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. I’d like to think that she carried on where I left off…See, I too loved drawing from a very young age, but I don’t draw nearly as much as my daughter does. I like to draw flowers or landscapes but I don’t really draw people as much as I used to. My daughter definitely has a gift, it’s as if the characters she creates can just walk off the paper! She has taken her imagination to the next level. We have saved quite a bit of her work over the years, so she can see just how much she has progressed. I love that art brings her peace, calms her spirit and takes her to a place in her heart that only she knows…

Art by L.K.



I think about seeing you for the first time, like really seeing you… The first embrace, my hands cupping your face. The tears, the years we have waited for this day…the first words we’d say. “I’ve missed you” just would be too cliche. Something along the lines of “are you ready baby?” comes into play. And of course, I’d mean that in more than one way. My every wish would come true as I’d stare at you. I’d come baring gifts; fresh flowers, incense, stones and more…Spring water, your favorite fruits, so sweet and neatly packed. A sage bundle wrapped with the most precious of intentions. I’d kiss you on your third eye, and you would kiss me likewise…The day would be breathtakingly gorgeous; a day we’ve never seen. All the joy in our hearts would implore us to scream, in delight of course; we’d scream so much our voices would go hoarse. To touch you would bring ecstatic energy all throughout my body. Baby, I’d desire nothing more…than to see you walk to forever more, to life, to love and to the Creator, in the presence of your ancestors; Free…

sunflower selective focus photography

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Utterly heartbreaking…

Moments worth remembering

I am so sad inside for Kobe’s family and the other families on board the helicopter that lost their lives over the weekend…it’s so unreal. Los Angeles is barely over the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, now this tragedy. We all lost a superstar, a man of integrity. My cousin said she can’t even deal with social media right now because it’s just too much. She did say that the saddest thing was just how frightening Kobe’s last few moments of life probably were with his little girl, knowing they would not live. I do know that they are stars up above…even still, why do we keep losing the great ones? The exceptional Black fathers and positive figures in the community? There’s no answer that I have to bring me peace. And so I will mourn, pray for strength for the families and love on my own family as best as I can. We can never know the time or the hour…so we have to give thanks for every single day that we get to live, breathe and be. Peace🙏🏾

Happy Birthday Sade Adu

Divine feminine, Life

I’ve been listening to Sade for as long as I can remember! I played her music throughout my first pregnancy so much that my baby was almost always soothed by her voice if she was crying. Sade is timeless, classy, mysterious and oh so beautiful. She has never wavered from her love of music and she’s only gotten better with time. Her sultry voice and melodic sound flows with any vibe…so I am wishing this shining star a very Happy Birthday.

The goddess herself
Sade Adu

Love's flow

Moments worth remembering

Declaring love for one another should follow with some sort of action, yes, but isn’t that a testament to how addicted we are to possession in love? We are always looking for signs, reasons to stay and get in our feelings when the vision doesn’t show up the way we thought. We do not own anyone we love, we are blessed to share connections and get this, have zero attachment…That being said, it becomes easier to relinquish a relationship of epic proportion to the Universe’s discretion…in layman’s terms; we cannot f**k this one up! And whatever work there is to be done to show up as the unique individuals we are in love, is tantamount to the love growing or decaying. ❤


Moments worth remembering

Spending the holidays in California with my family. These are pictures from a beach walk in Pacifica. I love how the mountains seem to blend in with the blue sky…I love the lush greenery that still carpets this side of the world even in Winter. I love the burnt sienna hilltops and how they stand out even more brilliantly in the sunshine. This is my happy place. I hope everyone has a safe and beautiful beginning to the New Year.🙏🏾🌠🌠


Moments worth remembering
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May we continue to grow in mind, body and spirit for 2020 and beyond. Help us to be lights and comfort those who aren’t as strong. I’m praying for clarity in 2020. With the “tumultuous” last few years of the decade; I think 2020 will be a year of revelations…things we would never believe, the depths of human kindness, and also the depths of human depravity; 2020 has NO karmic bullshit to sift through; it is fresh out the womb…ready to birth the truth in so many ways…I’m hoping we can peacefully find new ways of existing that has room for the many unique journeys we experience in our lifetime as human beings. There is no reason there should be hungry people living on the streets as folks on the next street over shell out thousands in rent money; turning a blind eye to suffering. There is enough for ALL of us. We still have a poverty mindset in this country; there is NEVER enough for everyone; and that simply does not register in my brain. I’ve traveled, I’ve seen land, empty homes, empty buildings, gardens in cities, gardens in yards and gardens on sprawling acreage…We have lost our sense of community and caring…we can do so much when we all care enough. We honestly don’t give a shit; yes, I said it! Our children are being snatched right up from under our noses, women are dying in childbirth, young people are being trafficked and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Despite all these fucked up things in the world though, I will keep living this beautiful life I’ve been gifted; praying each and every day for safety in numbers; specifically “angelic” numbers; it gives me peace, believing that there is protection around us…

I had a lot to say in this post, and I suppose this will be remnants of my last few thoughts of the year. I honestly hope we begin to love more, look out for each other; our elderly and children in particular. Please don’t let days go by without communicating with those you love and you know love you…

Wishing everyone a warm holiday season.

Blessings! ❤

Gemini Full Moon

Moments worth remembering

I live for these moons! I could feel everything inside me shift; my emotions, thoughts and patterns…I love how a Gemini full moon resets me like a clock. I know this one will be magical because it’s the last full moon of this year. Onward we go! I am excited about all that I have released in an effort to make room for more…2019’s clothes, attitudes and ways of being don’t fit anymore and I am so ready to try new things…Wishing you all well and be safe out there!🌕🤗

New Era…

Life, Moments worth remembering

As we approach the ending of 2019 and move into 2020, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all of the changes, yet I’m still holding on to the old ways… I grew up before all the so called “normalcy” of this era; before social media was a thing, when it wasn’t so dangerous to play outside until dark, and when neighbors looked out for one another. There’s so many things that have changed over the years and some of them have just proven how out of touch we are with each other…Any time books are replaced with electronic gadgets, that can’t be good. We don’t read anymore, we look to internet gurus instead of opening our eyes to see what’s going on right up under our noses. When will enough be enough? We don’t tap into our inner reserves anymore, we don’t believe in anything we can’t see on a screen, and we don’t listen to our children enough. We are just wide open in this world of delusions and it’s scary as hell. I’m not thinking all will be horrible in 2020, I’m honestly thankful to still be here in this realm; living and breathing. But it does bother me, the level that humanity has stooped to…it’s just an uncomfortable reality that we can look up anything on the internet yet we can’t even look out for each other anymore…

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